United Front: Triad Wars Probably Comes in Console

Some time ago, the United Front Games announced that they were busy working on Triad Wars, an online game that carries the concept of free-to-play and aimed specifically at PC gamers.

After the announcement, the question arises whether the game worked by the developer of Sleeping Dogs will also be dropped to the console or not. In response, the United Front Roblox Games also open the vote.

“We spent a lot of time upgrading the engine and upgrading to make sure that   can make it run on any platform. We did start with PCs but we may not be there forever, “Justin Bullard, Senior Producer, said.
United Front Games opens wide possibility to bring their latest project – Triad Wars to the console.

In addition to discussing the possibility of Triad Wars coming on the console, Bullard also answered many questions about why no female characters appeared in the trailers they had released. “Currently we do not have a female character yet, but everything can happen,” he added and get Roblox robux hack tool .

As is known, in Sleeping Dogs, United Front Games presents several female characters in which one of them has an important role in the main storyline. Let’s wait for development like what else will be done the developer until the Triad Wars ready to launch.

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