NieR: Automata Review

In the event E3 2015 ago, Square Enix has officially announced the new game project that is NieR: New Project, which initially emerged this game to continue the story of NieR that has been released in 2010 then. Since it was announced, the development was carried out by creators of Bayonetta, Platinum Games and over time NieR: New Project was renamed NieR: Automata.

If the NieR that has been released in 2010 and then looks less interesting, then the NieR: Automata this time Platinum Games has adopted some elements Bayonetta into the game. By playing the role of a beautiful and mysterious female character as a selling point. The figure of Android woman named 2B which is one of the infantry of YoRHa group is indeed a scourge of interest by gamers, so as to make gamers will be like what the Clash Royale game.

Well, maybe you still wonder what kind of game NieR: Automata, you can watch trailer launch trailer below.

NieR: Automata is a future with a world that has now been abandoned by humans and contains only robots, the conflicts that are presented are also very interesting, you will really be able to feel the plot of the drama is very touching, ranging from romance, pain Hearts and so on that encourage you to feel it as well.

NieR’s Story: Automata begins when humankind previously lived peacefully on earth until finally an invasion of extraterrestrials who wanted to own the planet. This extraterrestrial creature has created destructive machines aimed at eliminating the human race.

Clustered mankind moved to the moon, and settled there and drafted a plan to re-take the earth from the alien creature. The plan is to develop several special Android troops called YoRHa, where the troops are assigned to take over the earth’s power from a foreign creature and paralyze it.

In the NieR: Automata game you will play an Android robot character named 2B which is a robot character fighter and also 9S which will help 2B during the fight. The new conflict will be felt when you are faced with some other Android that is A2, where A2 is always watching the movements of 2B and 9S during the earth.

The big question when you’re just getting started NieR game: This Automata is, what exactly has happened in this game? Why have some Android before 2B? And what the real background of this game is. You will be able to find all the answers by trying your own game Clash Royale astuce gemmes  this.

If previously you have known the story line first page. Well, KotGa Crew will share it into a few short points, which you can see below.


Graphic quality displayed by NieR: Automata seems a bit “arid” because the colors applied in the game is not so spoil the eye. But all covered with 3D graphical detail that you can see from every game character. Because KotGa Crew is playing the NieR: Automata game on the PlayStation 4 console, the resulting resolution is also a 1080p standard by running between 40 fps to 50an fps. When compared with Horizon game: Zero Dawn which both carry the concept of post-apocalyptic, then NieR: Automata seems to present a somewhat “sluggish” feel especially when you are located in certain location points.

Because the world is presented in the game NieR: Automata this impressed less fun, then among you certainly will not feel at home to explore further kesetiap corner of this game.


Like an RPG action game on the announcement, you will also be able to feel some major missions and also side missions. The main mission of course to know what the real story behind the mystery game NieR: Automata, while on a side mission you can see the other side of the game. In this game you will not play alone, but will also be assisted by a small robot and also a 9S character.

Mechanism of attack in NieR: Automata is also divided into two parts, ie heavy attacks and normal attacks. These two parts can be used separately or combine to produce a large number of Clash Royale attacks.

Like Final Fantasy XV, in this game you can also get some weapons that can be used by the Android, ranging from exploration to every corner, side missions, defeating enemies and also can improve the ability of weapons on existing NPC blacksmit.


If you’re a big fan of Final Fantasy, maybe the song in NieR: Automata game will look similar. Because basically an RPG action game will indeed have to have a strong soundtrack element so it gives an impression that is not easily forgotten by all gamers who have played it.

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