Game Thriller – Until Dawn Latest Gameplay Performance

Compared to other exclusive Playstation 4 game projects that are ready to be present in 2015, Until Dawn is arguably a black horse. He did not get the attention of other giant projects, but increasingly shows a solid gameplay that is interesting to anticipate. Unlike other similar games, Until Dawn is positioned as a thriller project, which takes you on a journey like a movie of a similar genre. You must escape from the pursuit of psychopathic killers who will continue to hunt down your characters. What’s that? The latest gameplay demo trailer released by the developers – Supermassive Games provides a little extra picture and get cooking fever generator .

Until Dawn adopted a gameplay mechanics similar to that of the Quantic Dreams – like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. From the diverse eyewear of the characters, you will be confronted by the mysterious psychopathic killer through a myriad of action options that of course – lead to different results and visit cooking fever.

Supermassive has also confirmed that these choices are so essential that they may lead to the survival or killing of these characters. Trailer demos taken from the Playstation Experience event some time ago this captures the tension that can arise from the concept of gameplay like this. Should you run? Should you hide? Everything is done with QTE format which also maximizes the features of Dual Shock 4.

Until Dawn himself plans to launch in 2015, exclusively for Playstation 4. Unfortunately, there is no exact release date for him. How? Interested?

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