Final Fantasy XV Released Trailer English Version

After a vacuum for quite a long time, with its pretty confusing existence between nothing and nothing, Square Enix is ​​finally getting more and more intense to back up the hype towards its ambitious mainstream RPG game – Final Fantasy XV. Changed leadership under current Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XV related information continues to slide each month, with various updates related to the development process until the demo version is planned to launch in 2015. After appearing through a variety of exciting gameplay trailers, Square Enix comes with extra surprises. A picture of a final product version of what gamers will get outside the Japanese region later and get robux generator .

There are concerns to see the design of the key characters of Final Fantasy XV which is often referred to as “boyband”. Square Enix is ​​like being in the middle of the road, with a decision that could have made a design like this look cool or just shining. True, we’re talking about what kind of voice acts are going to be injected for it. Square Enix finally released the trailer Final Fantasy XV english version, showing a little picture what kind of voice acts will be carried. Fortunately, Noctis surprisingly, it has a fairly heavy sound type. While the other characters, simply represent the personality of the Japanese version of voice acts and visit roblox game.

As a gamer enough to follow the Final Fantasy series, there is little relief to see the English version of the trailer for Final Fantasy XV. Why? At least there is certainty, that regardless of the existing visual design, Noctis will not be “imaged” with the voice of Tidus from FFX or Vaan from FF XII that seems too teenagers. The inaugural Final Fantasy XV demo is scheduled to launch in 2015, for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

How about you? Quite satisfied with the choice of voice acts for this Western version?

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