343 Explain the Reason Hello: The Master Chief Collection Does not Stop by PC

There is a reason why Halo is initiated by Bungie Studios and is now being addressed – 343 Industries is gaining such a huge popularity. Most of the gamers who had tasted some of the early series of this game of course agreed that he was entitled to get the title as one of the best FPS console game ever. Not only strong on the side of the story and its iconic character – Master Chief, Halo also offers a fun and memorable multiplayer mode. Not surprisingly, many gamers anticipate the presence of Halo: Master Chief Collection (MCC) – which will contain Halo 1 – 4 content into the same package for Xbox One. One big question of course surfaced. Why does not Microsoft want to release this remaster compilation for PC?

Speaking with Kotaku’s gaming site, Dan Ayoub – Executive Producer 343 Industries openly admits that Xbox One does share an architecture similar to today’s modern PCs, which of course technically, eases porting.
While acknowledging the port process would be easier, 343 Industries admits they are not capable of handling the Halo: MCC project for two platforms at once. Therefore, they focus on Xbox One and get dragon ball z dokkan battle generator .

Only, Ayoub stated that the Halo project: MCC is too massive for 343 Industries, if they have to focus on bringing it on two separate platforms. 4 separate games, 100 folders, new cinematic, and of course – Halo 2 Anniversary becomes a project that needs solid coordination. Therefore, they are currently only focusing on Xbox One. One thing for sure, Ayoub insists that the PC gaming market remains something of interest to Industries.

Does this mean we’ll see Halo: MCC in the future after the release of Xbox One version planned slid on November 11, 2014 upcoming? Unfortunately, Ayoub himself did not give an explicit answer. But hope to see the return of dragon ball z dokkan battleĀ  to PC seems to still be open quite wide.

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