Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 & Super Mario Run Release Trailer Prime!

The relationship between Hideo Kojima and Konami is worrying. Apart from the variety of rumors that continue to spread in cyberspace, no one knows for sure what is going on with both. One for sure, he made many projects Hideo Kojima - the brains behind many giant franchise classmates Metal Gear Solid and ZOE is like hanging without clarity. From the removal of Kojima's name from several Super Mario Run until the action of silence that he did made a lot of gamers questioned the policy being pursued Konami. Unfortunately, instead of starting to change the negative perception of the gamer, Konami comes with more bad news. With rumors of Hideo Kojima coming out of Konami in the near future, the greatest mystery must be regarding the continuation of the Silent Hills project - a new generation horror game he plans to develop with Del Toro. Of all the new information that appears, it is likely that this project will be canceled. And even if Konami forces her to continue, Silent Hills does not seem to be developed by Kojima and Del Toro anymore. At least this is confirmed by two parties who deal directly with this project. In the San Francisco Film Society event, responding to fan-focused questions about the existence of this game, Guillermo Del Toro himself admitted, that the Silent Hills project will no longer continue. He openly expressed his deep sorrow that he could not continue this game again. Confirmation of the cancellation of Silent Hills not only slid from Del Toro. The famous actor through the movie The Walking Dead series, which should also be the main character Silent Hills - Norman Reedus also revealed the same thing. In a tweet from his official Twitter account, Reedus also hopes the project can live again in the future. In the meantime, he apologized for the fans who were waiting for his football in the fog-filled city of horror. Does this mean that Silent Hills is canceled? Or will it continue, but this time without Kojima, Del Toro, or Super Mario Run  intervention? Unfortunately, the answer itself is unclear. Hideo Kojima still keeps his mouth shut, while Konami still has no official comment regarding this. While on the other hand, the teaser is no less creepy - P.T. for Playstation 4 also reportedly will be withdrawn from the PSN Store forever, starting from 29 April. The future seems to be the main theme that Activision is trying to sell with its Call of Duty franchise. After COD: Ghost of Infinity Ward throws us at a scenario not too far ahead, Sledgehammer brings Advanced Warfare a step further with military technology that still seems impossible to implement right now. Despite the cries of the community that began to miss the theme of the second world war and the more classic battles, Activision did not budge. They believe that bringing the theme of "future" is much more future with the latest project from Treyarch - Super Mario Run . An inaugural trailer for this game is finally released. If you feel Super Mario Run hack tool  is too futuristic, then you will be surprised with this Black Ops 3. This 2-minute trailer shows augmentation technology as the main theme. Not only that, they also promise an animation that will look different depending on the gender of your main character racikan own. Treyach offers 9 character classes called Specialist. Each of these classes will have their own name and story background, complete with their unique skills and weapons.