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Summer garden house can be a special room itself. Can be transformed into a studio for writing, painting or other craft activities, or just being a place to relax and enjoy your free time. On a clear day, a garden or garden room also provides welcome shade from the midday heat. If you want to choose a summer house in a state park, choose a style with tile roofs, windows with small windows and details like wind vents or planters. Choose a neutral palette of nuances and pastels, and wash them with pale green wood. There are many choices and things to think about, but our summer home idea should give you all the inspiration you need. The position of your summer home is very important. Generally at the end of the park is a good place - in the middle will make your garden look smaller than on and destroy the grass room you have. Plus, if you want to create a beautiful retirement, the farther you are from everyday life, the better. We love how this vast summer house is surrounded by trees, providing a truly remote and rural setting and get  botanica garden center . Give your summer home a relaxed look with a mix of stylish furniture, from the comfortable sofa you can find in your living room to the wicker part painted in warm pink. Finding shopping is perfect for addiction because you do not need your best furniture here - and remember that upcycling can turn the most unloved room into something extraordinary. Provide your summer home garden with a trimmed area and you will have the perfect spot for a lazy summer lunch. Gorgeous directors of ribbons and folders? chairs dress up a typical English clubhouse look. You can not go wrong with folding furniture in England - if it starts to rain, you can easily and quickly bring it into the house for use in the comfort of your summer rooftop. Decorate the exterior of your summer garden garden with an attractive blue color. If you have a hilly garden, this arrangement shows you what can be done. It's about creating different levels in your garden so you have a fairly flat surface for your summer home to occupy. In the absence of a lawn, there are still plenty of possibilities to have beds and flower pots for the lush green effect. Most people love their garden furniture to feel completely different and separate from their home. It's about holding a retreat where you can get back to nature, so choose furniture to reflect it. Natural ingredients and botanical impression are the way to go. Think of fresh vegetables, glossy roses and a bit of yellow - all colors are found in the outdoors and create soothing foods. Make your summer home the main attraction of your garden with an elegant path to the front door. Another remarkable thing about this park is the large summer house, which has been adapted into a relatively narrow space. A Nile exterior of the water, sun loungers and beach marks give the nod to the sea as well, creating the feel of an elegant beach hut and visit http://www.livetomanage.com . If you work from home, the garden office may be just for you. For a soothing effect, paint the room in white and set the table by the window or door, where you can open it for a breath of fresh air. Create a stylis